Second Chance Education Project for All (SCEPA)

This project aim at eradicating the poverty cycle and the target group is the prison inmates and their families. This will be a collaborative work with prisons where inmates and their children shall receive vocational guidance and help them to settle in the career in which they are interested in after they have served their term in the prisons.  Their children will be fished out, change their perception about schooling, admit them into Career Development International School (CDIS) and give them appropriate placements according to their abilities, groom them to be successful in their educational pursuit and finally establish them in their career at the Vocational Guidance and Training Institute (VGATI).

The inmates shall be given vocational guidance programmes whiles at the prisons by the VGATI and graduate before they finish their term in the prison. This offer will be given to inmates between the age of 18years-40years and its optional. Those who will apply will be matriculated at the prisons before start of the programme.  After being released from the prison they shall go for attachments for one year before given a temporary appoint for one year after which he/she will either be given a permanent job or help them establish their own company due to the laudability of individual or group’s business plan. The inmates and their children are going to establish their own companies through the teachings, mentoring and career decision making skills gained from (VGATI).  All the companies that will be established shall fall under the Dominion Group of Companies by using Dominion Principles from the Biblical point of view in their work practices. KAIZEN principles shall be adopted into the work practices as well. These scholarship packages of establishing the inmates and their children in their own private jobs shall be given to card bearing members of the foundation.