Career Development And Choice Project (CDAC)

Predictive career development and choice model by Martha Anang and other vocational models will be used to guide parents to enable parents to help in the developmental stage of children’s career rather than parents enforcing career on their wards. The youth will be guided through decision making skills in the area of career choice. This will be done in groups and individuals when the need arise. Educational tours will be organised for the youth to sensitise them on the need to be aware of many career fields before final choice of one’s career.

Dominion Leaders Scholarships

How pleasant would it be to see about 50% of the Ghanaian youth into self employment in 2026 rather than they joining unemployed associations. We are not just going to expose the youth to career guidance for once and leave them. They would be given scholarships to further their education, give them career mentors and establish them after they finish their education. The students are going to establish their own companies through the teachings, mentoring and career decision making skills. We will again guide the youth to write business plan and give them seed money to start life with. All the companies that will be established by these young ones shall fall under the Dominion Group Of Companies by using Dominion Principles from the Biblical point of view in their work practices. KAIZEN principles shall be adopted into the work practices as well. These scholarship packages of establishing the youth in their own private jobs shall be given to:

Second Chance In Education Project For All (SCEPA)

This project is both for boys and girls who have dropped out of school and would want to go back to school. Many at times attention is shifted on the girls leaving the mail child out which is increasing the percentage of boys in the street rooming about aimlessly. These drop outs will be fished out, change their perception about schooling, groom them to be successful in their educational pursuit and finally establish them in their career to be mentors to new applicants. This will be a collaborative work with queen mothers in various towns and villages.

My Health Is My All (MHIMA)

For years it has been a norm for some girls to avoid classes during menstruation either because of menstrual pains or lack of toilet facilities for girls in schools to enable them have privacy to change over their sanitary pads during that period. This project will seek to build toilet facilities in schools for girls to enable them have their privacy and educate them on the need to seek medical attention on any ill health problem militating against their academic life. Some boys normally play around drugs which lead them to the psychiatric hospital and cut short their academic dreams. Drug abuse will be our focus on the boys as well as the girls. We only focus on the girls who get pregnant and leave those who take medication to cause abortion. Some girls go to the extent of grinding broken bottles and drink it just to abort pregnancy to avoid disgrace or parental disappointment. Issues of abstinence will be our priority sensitization program in this regards. Sex education in general will be looked at among both gender to reduce school dropout rate.

Study Nest Project

This project guides the youth to acquire good study habit skills by eliminating negative moral behaviour and negative cultural believes. A location will be sought from communities to build study shed and provide them with solar panels to generate electricity for studies at night. This will reduce the rampant roaming about on the streets at night by school going children. Libraries will be raised for needy schools and communities. Reading games shall be introduced in schools.

Reducing Poverty Through Education

Deliberate selection of children from poor homes to be put into good schools is the focus of this project. These children will be guided through their education, mentor them in their career path and set them up or seek for employment for them after completing their education.

Community Development Projects

As we go round to organize the youth seminars Communities resources shall be identified through scientific research. The identified untapped-resources shall be developed by using the career skills of the youth as a means of job creation to reduce unemployment and poverty as well. 

National Awards/ Media Programs

  • Workers Remains
  • Trap the untapped
  • Explore to explode
  • Caleb reporters