The Head Office is located in Cape Coast near the New Sports Stadium on the road to University of Cape Coast.  The branch office is now located on the Starlets 91 Street in Cape Coast, at Botse Villa 2nd floor, near Antem Junction. The staff mix of the organisation comprises of the Executive Director, Administrator, Research and Publications Officer, Event Chair , IT Team, Office Clerk and a Driver.  


Dominion Leaders Foundation (DLF) was established in 2010 and officially registered in 2016 with the Registrar General with the Registration Number CG034072016 as a Non-Governmental Organisation by Dr. Martha Anang. It seems though professional vocational guidance services are needed by all, it is only available to those who are from families with good socioeconomic background.  Again, youth all over the world especially in most part of the underdeveloped and developing countries have unemployment issues after spending money to attain degrees. Aside the expenditure of the individuals in education, the government also allocates huge budget for education and at the end the educated youth becomes burden on the government again as unemployed graduates forming associations. Thinking through this unemployment problem, one simple solution that DLF brings on board is to lead the youth to know that they were created to have dominion over all creation and if they can understand what it takes to have dominion, they will never lack jobs.  The foundation thus operates with the notion of helping individuals to accept who they are to enable them have dominion over self and environment for such is the purpose of humans’ existence on earth.


The name of this foundation therefore emanated from the Bible where it is written that man was created as image of God (having creative ability) to have dominion over all creation (Genesis 1:26) hence, the reason for our existence here on earth.  There was not any conditional clause attached to this verse as to whether you have to be yellow, red, short, tall, fat or slim.  The unanswered question is:  Why then do we allow creatures such as the earth, sun, moon, stars, water bodies, fishes, animals, birds, and trees/plants to have dominion over us?  The answer lies in Dominion Leaders Foundation and it is simply because we are not being creative and innovative enough to manipulate these creatures for our use. Instead of having dominion over those creatures we turn to dominate our fellow human beings which has brought about civil wars, racism, segregations, cheating and others. To correct this error of role twist, we need critical thinking abilities and vocational guidance services to help the youth identify their abilities and the creatures they are interested in to turn it around for job creation.


To have dominion over water either as a Fisherman or Marine Engineer or Navy etc., one needs to be knowledgeable about water bodies.  This can be achieved through education relating to water.  You have to pass from one level of knowledge to the other to be masterful over this creature called water bodies.  Other human beings who do not have interest in this field still need to control the fishes and use them for food.  The biologists, laboratory technicians or other scientists will have to ensure the quality of seafood we consume.   Assuming we have no medical personnel or chemist, who can treat the Navy when sick, then the sickness will affect efficiency and work output at the long run.

Countless first and second-degree holders from under developed and developing countries are in the developed countries that saw the essence of vocational guidance earlier.  They are using their certificates to clean plates and floors whiles they could have used their certificates and the gained knowledge in their country to help economic growth and development.  We, DLF, has realised that most of these lacks boil down to Lack of Professional Vocational Guidance for all.


It is believed that applying the foundations principles will lead even Developed Countries to acquire the status of Dominion Countries which will bring the classification of countries to four (4) instead of three.  This forth class category will make us see the reality of the establishment of the Kingdom of God here on earth as people are given a second chance and hope for living here on earth. The import of this reality is to advocate for Vocational Guidance which was not left out after creation because abilities and roles of human beings and all other creatures were spelt out from the onset.  It is therefore, a clarion call for Dominion Leaders Foundation to serve as a Vocational Guidance Ministry to help provide vacation for all and to remove barriers in Career Development, career sustainability, job creation and TVET.


The Foundation through its activities tries to find out answers and solutions to five main questions: 

  1. How much of the national education budget goes into vocational guidance and TVET?


  1. How much time is allocated for vocational guidance in educational institutions?


  1. What is the end result of educating people without integrating vocational guidance services into education if the purpose of education is to place learners at the work environment after their programme of study?


  1. Are there national policies and implementation strategies to provide vocation for all including ex-convicts to reduce the poverty cycle practically?


  1. Are there national systems or structures put in place to ensure that learners are healthy enough to assimilate concepts or theories taught in school to honest creative and innovative skills which will generate job creation and career sustainability?

To answer these five questions, DLF has classified vocation or career into five main components that emerges for the individual, family, trainer, training institution and policy makers to consider.  The 5 main components are:


  • The Learner/Trainee (all age and all type of learners) is the object of focus and we try to assist the learner to remove all barriers or challenges they may face along the way as they develop their career. Possible areas could be subject difficulty, acclimatising oneself with the learning environment, logistics, financial and health challenges.  In our advocacy we consider good study habit projects for all categories of learners for academic excellence and trade training achievements.  We also assist learners to do Self-Identification and Self-Belief by doing Career Development and Choice Swot Analysis.  Second chance is given to school drop outs especially ex-convicts and their families to give them hope and help reintegrate them into society with gained skills.


The body-health issues cannot be downplayed since no one study best with sickness.  Many career aspirations have been stacked or cut short due to ill health and we try to advocate for quality and affordable health services for all categories of learners.  The mind which is the learning tool must be kept in a good condition to enable it work best.  So many learners have Mindset (beliefs, norms and values) that serves as hindrances to their career development and the Foundation see to it that negative mindsets are dealt with for learners to be free from unnecessary entanglements in their minds. A ‘Comfort Home’ shall be established to render psychotherapy treatment to learners with emotional and psychological needs.  The establishment of comfort home will also serve as a management and preventive measure to take care of anxiety disorders, stressed and depressed learners.


Physiological needs/basic needs such as food clothing and shelter during schooling is of concern to DLF which falls under social protection and provide quality boarding and feeding facilities for learners and give free uniforms and other clothing to motivate learners of their schooling.  We shall establish socio-economic restoration centre (SERC) for female empowerment and eradication of poverty cycle.  At the centre, there shall be a special Vocational Guidance Institute (VGI) that will train individuals in decision-making, mentoring, studying on the job, life time learning, creativity and innovativeness towards career choice and sustainability as a supplementary course for all to promote job satisfaction, job creation, career sustainability and industrial booming.


  • It is required that learners/parents get broader knowledge and understanding of components and job prospects of the programme or course of study. The Foundation intent to orient both Parents/Learners on the Programmes/Courses and its prospects by assigning vocational guidance expects to educational institutions and other training centres to take them through the use of our career development and choice models (Predictive Career Development and Choice Model) and the Career Analysis Series books.


  • The institution to study in at times becomes an issue where learners are not able to pay for the tuition of the right institution that can bring the best out of them. With this the Foundation offers or seeks for educational sponsorship packages to help learners achieve their career aspirations. That notwithstanding, admission policies are of concern since some institutions offer courses without considering career interest of learners.  With this, we offer free quality career interest instruments for the use of institutions and nations as part of placement and admission processes through basic school to the university and help the recruitment of vocational guidance experts for the institutions.  We again advocate for the admission policies that inculcate the use of vocational guidance services especially in the underdeveloped and developing countries. This is to ensure integration of vocational guidance into all educational institutions.


  • The Trainer is paramount in vocational guidance in that he or she is the one that has to impact the knowledge in a special way for the learner to gain the concept, understand the concept and apply the concept. In some situations, there have been issues about teacher efficacy and the foundation will employ two measures to help place teachers at the right positions to deliver.  Teacher education should be the starting point where the vocational interest profile will be recommended for use for the admission processes to ensure quality recruitment of teachers who have real interest in the teaching profession especially basic school teachers and TVET teachers.  Learners who unfortunately come across poor performing teachers will be guidance to practice self-tutoring and use of other systems to enable them pass the examination as a ladder or requirement for career development and choice instead of failing examination because of teacher factor.  We will motivate teachers through educational scholarships, awards and other fringe benefits for them to deliver their hearts out to promote professionalism of teaching.


  • Work Environment: Considering the job that one will finally work in is also classified into two.  We believe that it is either you seek for employment from an employer for you to be put on the employee list or you create a job for you to be seen as an employer.  The Foundation’s interest is in the job creation since unemployment is on the rise in this 21st century.   We take individuals and groups through our job creation models to bring the innovative and creative skills out from learners to enable them create jobs after their training with gained knowledge from their education.  


Climbing the professional ladder is of concern to us especially females participating in higher education and taking leadership roles to help address gender equity and parity issues.  Most women or females drop off from their jobs due to numerous reasons and to help females on career sustainability issues we have a second chance project where women and youth are offered the second chance to rebuild their career aspirations and develop their families and communities with it.


  • To eradicate barriers that militate against Career Development,
  • Choice, Job Creation and Sustainability.


  • Career for All (CFA) to help eradicate unemployment and poverty cycle by 2030.


  • Providing access to second chance in education and advocacy for TVET and the integration of vocational guidance services into all educational institutions and training centres.


  • Integrity, love for all, self-belief, perseverance and endurance


  1. To advocate for the integration of vocational guidance into basic and secondary schools to bring out the inherent talents in children for creativity and innovation.
  2. To promote Technical and Vocational Education, and Training (TVET) through advocacy, scholarship packages for both TVET students and teachers and provision of tools/equipment.
  3. To promote female participation in higher education by helping them manage stress, anxiety and depression in relation to academic achievement and career sustainability for national development.
  4. To give hope to inmates and their children by restoring and restructuring their career traits and aspirations for reintegration of ex-convicts into society.
  5. To advocate for quality and affordable health services for all students/learners to produce healthy human resource for national development.


To the youth who will benefit from the seminar will have better understanding of the self and career issues.
Will develop good decision making skills
Will improve in whatever they do on daily bases
Parental pressure on career choice will reduce since parents will consider child’s interest base on the environment given to the child.
Will place more youth into jobs
Will reduce social vices
Socio economic status will be better in Ghana even at the villages since youth will be placed in jobs. That is it will alleviate poverty
The youth will see life as fulfilling since they will be offering jobs of interest
The impact of counselling will be felt in the country and individual will see the need for career guidance.


We organise career guidance and study habit seminars for the youth to create awareness of the self for them to appreciate their strength and weaknesses so as to reduce their weaknesses to increase their strength. Our role is to support the youth to use their strengths as antennas to attract opportunities around and use their creative abilities to create job opportunities to reduce unemployment and poverty. Love for all is central to our relationship with members and partners. As we organise the seminars we identify needy students, street children, the unemployed, schools, communities and help them


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There are countless organisations that are into youth programs by helping them financially and academically. Dominion Leaders Foundation is not just looking at academic performance but as to whether school going children have interest in the subject areas. This will be done by using professional and trained career officers with proper counselling instruments. It seems most organisations who are trying to help the youth in career decision making just pick workers from any field at all but dominion foundation deems it fit to use 1st or 2nd degree education students who have psychology and counselling background to help do the task. Our operations cover all stakeholders of individual’s career development process as we try to involve the whole community through consultation. This has been needful because subject combination to arrive at the right career is an issue as students follow peers in decision making and pressure from the home.