National Awards/Media Programs

Workers Remains (1Kings 5)

The program will look at the legacies workers leave behind in their organisations before pension and give them a deserving award to acknowledge their efforts and national impact. Names of people who have one year to go on retirement will be sort out from the organisations and by the individual’s permission we will find out scientifically through research the contributions that person made at work ever science he or she joined the organisation. We will then find out what specific things that he or she can be remembered for in that organisation and the country at large. Awards night will be scheduled to give awards to deserving workers for making the next generation to feel their career impact.

Tap the Untapped (1Kings 6 & 7) Media Programme

This programme will interview the aged to get the unimplemented dreams and visions and expose it to the youth for them to implement it. The program will first get experts on board that have the-know-how about a particular vision, interpret it into the reality of this generation and write a proposal on it. The feasibility of the vision or dream will be tested through scientific research. Youth will be educated on how to prepare working documents on projects and give the skills, capital and other resources visions and dream implementation.