My Health Is My All (MHIMA)

  • This project seeks to educate youth on health issues to employ preventive measures and help advocate for quality and affordable medical services to students as well as encouraging students to seek for proper medical attention when the need arises.
  • There shall be Soul (Mind and Heart) Cleansing Seminars for children, youth and Christians
  • As part of advocacy for healthy living, this project will build toilet facilities in schools and special ones for girls to reduce infections and enable them have their privacy and comfortable environment to change and dress up properly during menstrual periods and to reduce truancy and school dropout among females. We will also collaborate with other Non-Governmental Organisations or agencies to advocate for health issues that hinder career development and choice of children, females and the youth in general.
  • Drug abuse will be one of the focus areas for both boys and girls.  We mostly focus on the girls who get pregnant and leave those who take medication to cause abortion. Some girls go to the extent of grinding broken bottles and drink it just to abort pregnancy to avoid disgrace or parental disappointment.  Issues of abstinence will be our priority sensitization program in this regard.  Sex education in general will be looked at to reduce school dropout rate.
  • Parents and the entire community more particularly mothers will be educated on how some of their live style practises during pregnancy and nurturing after birth affect children general health, study habit, academic achievement and career development of their children.