Dominion Leaders Teen Club

Youth who will show the desire to receive continuous shaping shall form clubs in communities, schools and religious organisations.  The name of the club shall be called Dominion Leaders Teen Club.  The major activity of the club is to instil creativity skills into the members and ensure daily improvement in the life of members.  Membership shall be open to anyone who has the desire in helping the club to achieve its aim and willing to abide by the rules of the club.  Members have the right to attend at least a seminar every quarter for free.  The foundation shall have the power to refuse membership to an applicant, where it is considered such membership would be detrimental to the aims, purposes or activities of the club. Members shall be taken through kaizen to ensure continuous improvement in member’s everyday life to reduce waste time.  There shall be guiding principles to govern the affairs of the clubs


Dominion African Ladies Club

Mentoring is key when it comes to life shaping but most young girls find it difficult to get closer to ladies they admire to seek guidance.  Matured ladies have lots of experiences they yearn to share to the youth but how to approach the young ladies or organise them to share experiences with is a burden.  Others wish they can mentor the upcoming girls but the nature of their work is time consuming and they never get there.  Dominion African Ladies Club is birth to serve as intermediary between the Lady Mentees and the Lady Mentors.  Some ladies still seem to be at disadvantage despite the numerous efforts to push women to the top in the fields of education, work, leadership, politics, science, and the like. This project seeks to prepare girls and ladies enough to face future challenges (psychological, emotional, physiological and economical) by giving them hope and equipping them to predict for such future occurrences.  A simple life analysis tells us that whether we like it or not every woman is a potential single woman.  Either you are impregnated without a husband or you become a widow or divorced. All these three examples can happen to any woman at any time and the question is.  What will you do when you are left alone to cater for your children? Will you destroy their career aspirations or you will be capable to help develop them to their full potentials?


Caleb Reporters

This club is basically for males and the core of it is to groom male-youth to grow up with positive thinking. Like Caleb in the bible though he described the structure of the people he was sent to go and spy, he added the possibility of conquering. The club will shape young men who will defile all odds and take up the challenge to overcome borders and possess their possessions.  The Cooperate Men among members shall also mentor the university men and the university men will mentor the secondary boys in their career and possibility thinking.  This club will not talk out of blue moon but will research into problem areas, come out with possible ways of combating the problem and help solve it by putting their suggestions into action.


The club will assist the Foundation in four main areas:

  • Serve as mentors
  • Help raise funds to support the activities of the club
  • Handle the Tap the Untapped project
  • Handle the Workers Remains project