Career Development and Choice Project (CDAC)

CDAC is for all youth irrespective of gender, social class, ethnicity, location and educational status.  The project aims at assisting people to identify their career traits by age   twelve (12years) and make impact with their career traits in their lives, families and the community in which they live by age forty (40years). An experimental school has been established as a model school (Career Development International School) to set the pace for renaissance of education and integration of vocational guidance.


  • Predictive Career Development and Choice Model by Dr. Martha Anang and other vocational models will be used to guide parents (mothers, fathers and guardians) to identify their children’s career traits at the early stages to enable parents help in the developmental stage of children’s career rather than parents enforcing career on their children at the career choice stage.
  • The youth shall be taken through the Foundation’s vocational guidance models with its manuals/books. They shall have access to the annual magazine of the foundation and also have the opportunity to publish their writeups in the magazine titled ‘Explore to Explode in Your Potentials’.
  • Educational tours will be organised for the youth to sensitise them on the need to be aware of many career fields before final choice of one’s career. There shall be visit to prospective educational institutions and neighbouring countries for career fairs/orientation before they finally chose a particular institutions and programme for professionalism.  They will be taken through a certificate course in KAIZEN principles which will be adopted into the work practices as they attend practical lessons in various programmes they choose for professionalism.  They will be guided to write business plan and do peer presentations for more inputs.

Study Nest Project:

  • This project guides the youth to acquire good study habit skills by eliminating negative moral behaviour and negative cultural believes. We shall build communities study centres and libraries shall be established for needy schools and communities as well as introduction of Reading Games.  This project is needful since placement in the secondary schools and universities are dependent upon subject performance though subject performance depends on so many factors such as availability of study materials, learners’ ability to craps learning materials/concepts and teacher factor.  Student will have the ability to give equal study attention to all subjects so that judgement base on subject performance for career placements will be fair.
  • Needy students from poor socio-economic background would be given scholarships to further their education and establish them after they finish their education. Most of them would be guided to establish their own companies. All the companies that will be established by these young ones shall fall under the Dominion Group of Companies by using Dominion Principles from the Biblical point of view in their work practices. Though the individuals shall own their companies the foundation shall serve as management consultant to their business just to ensure sustainability of the companies that will be established.  These scholarship packages of establishing the youth in their own private jobs shall be given to card-bearing members of the Foundation who have gone through all the models.