Mentoring is key when it comes to life shaping. However, most young people find it difficult to get closer to the older ones they admire to seek guidance. As a result, there are many mature and experienced ladies who have lot to share with the youth but this has become difficult, or almost elusive, due to lack of appropriate medium to organize this knowledge and resource sharing. Others also wish they could mentor the younger generation but the nature of their work is time consuming and they never get there. For several years, I had to battle with sleepless nights of unfulfilled passion of promoting the well being of our younger generation with resources we already have and only needs to be harnessed for the purpose.

Dominion Leaders Foundation (DLF) is the outcome of these thoughts and deliberations over the years. The Foundation is a nongovernmental organisation that does not seek to make profit but rather provide a platform for sharing of all kinds of good resources and impacting on the younger generation. Our aim is to offer career guidance to young females and remove or at least minimize the impediments in their career development and choice. The DLF team has realized that mentoring is a key to success for the youth, especially the girls, hence the establishment of ladies club to remove the barrier and bring together females of all classes, age, profession, nationality and orientation through formal and informal means with the aim of providing assistance to the less privilege young ladies and budding girls.

In another sense, this approach is very crucial because ladies who find themselves in certain unfavourable situations in life also often become disorderly and unapproachable, especially when not married after attaining a certain age, after divorce, loss of partner, or simply because of over reliance on men who tend to disappoint them at certain point in time. Some even go to the extent of begging before feeding their children. Once they have nowhere to turn they eventually get into depression or prostitution. There are existing organisations that are taking care of such unfortunate girls and women, therefore, Dominion African Ladies Club is not going to focus on such ladies but rather provide preventive measures for our girls not to find themselves in such unfortunate situations. This project seeks to prepare girls and ladies enough to face future challenges (psychological, emotional, physiological and economical) by giving them hope and equipping them to prepare and face life’s challenges.

Ladies, how can we sit unconcerned? What can we do as ladies to save our less fortunate ones from falling victims to such an “ekankar”? (Please what is this? Looks like a Religion and should not be mixed with your organisation). Let us pull them along with us while we are capable of helping. You can simply mentor someone to save positively touch their lives but you must first get the platform to do that. This is what we are bringing to your door-step. Let’s join hands now!

Martha Anang


What Is Dominion African Ladies Club?

Dominion African Ladies club is a club under Dominion Leaders Foundation established to support the activities of the foundation. The organisation shall have sister organisations in every part of the world where African ladies can be found. The Slogan of the club is “Dominion African Ladies then we will respond:  We Predict For The Future Of Our Youth”


Our mission is to help raise funds to support the mother foundation to run free training programs for the youth and render mentoring services to the teen club of the foundation. We intend to bring African ladies together to eradicate career development and choice blockages through supporting the foundations career projects by mentoring young African ladies to get to self actualization so as to pour out their career traits for the development of the nation and the world.


Dominion African ladies club is sub-club under Dominion Leaders Foundation whose vision is to focus on mentorship, capacity building, and industrial transformation through releasing keys of career success into the hands of the youth.

Objectives Of The Club

  • to serve as role models and mentors for young girls between the ages of 12-40 who are members of the foundation.
  • to help dominion foundation to develop communities through the use of local resources and the career skills of the youth
  • advocate for female participation in higher education and leadership roles
  • to help dominion leaders foundation to instill good study habit in both boys and girls for Academic and Vocational Excellence
  • to assist Dominion Leaders Foundation to remove educational hindrances  by raising projects in schools for quality education
  • to mobilize funds for dominion leaders foundation to assist the girls who are members of dominion teen club and have gone through dominion training principles through bursaries and scholarships as well as build their capacity to establish their private businesses to reduce unemployment.

Scope of Operations

The clubs operations shall be limited to the achievement of the Foundation’s goals by providing career guidance services to the youth. The target group are the ladies who have achieved their professional ladder and have the development of the youth at heart to help them make the right career choices of their interests.

We shall help to create awareness of the need for career development and choice skills for the youth, parents and other stakeholders everywhere the Foundation is ready to go. We shall form the ladies mentoring team of the Foundation to groom girls for leadership positions worldwide.

We shall care for women who have retired out of work but have credible Workers Remains Records (WRR) with the foundation.


The Dominion African Women shall pick mentees from the basic, secondary, tertiary and the communities to mentor them in their career fields.

Dominion African Women shall help the foundation to raise money for special bursary for women’s training programs and bursaries for young women into higher education and others who are aspiring to take up leadership roles in the country.

Dominion African Women shall organize special annual conferences to award valuable women who have mentored other young women into their career fields.Grants shall be given to young creative women whose business plan proposal will be accepted and approved by experts.

Dominion African Women shall have other sister clubs in other countries apart from Ghana.

As part of the annual conference there shall be a regional/worldwide tour to encourage other women into leadership and others.

Special mentoring day will be set for Dominion African Women to present their lady mentees to the club and give the roadmap to their mentoring journey. This will multiply our number every year since mentorship is a must.

Registration and Termination of Membership

One must first register with Dominion Leaders Foundation
Membership shall be in three categories: (1) cooperate Ladies and private top class businesses owners who are ladies. (2) Tertiary ladies and those who have finished tertiary but not working. (3) Second cycle ladies and those who have finished second cycle but not in the tertiary
Qualification to be a full member is to pick up any of the sponsorship packages.
To be assigned as a mentee and have a mentorship card there shall be a background checks on you. That is a team will investigate about your attitude at work, home, other social clubs that one belongs to.
Readiness to mentor others in your career field
Should not have any bad social records
Must be an African with any identification card but passport will be to your advantage
Any member of the club may resign his/her membership and any representative of a member organisation or section may resign such position, by giving to the foundation through the secretary of the club a written notice to that effect.
The Management Committee may, by resolution passed at a meeting thereof, terminate or suspend the membership of any member, if in its opinion his/her conduct is prejudicial to the interests and objects of the club, PROVIDED THAT the individual member or representative of the member organisation (as the case may be) shall have the right to be heard by the General Committee before the final decision is made.
There shall be a right of appeal to an independent arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement.

Members’ benefits

  • Will be happy to see someone you have groomed climbing to the top ladder to be a mentor as well.
  • You will get grand mentees as your mentees mentors others.
  • You shall benefit from the aged scheme.
  • Learning curve benefits
  • Leadership skills training
  • Social benefit through networking
  • Can advertise your organisation in the foundations magazine
  • opportunity to travel outside your country to have fun games with sister clubs and create international links
  • Good will of the foundation and the club will take you where ever you want to go and any assistance needed
  • Exposure
  • Role models in their society since other ladies will be looking up to them
  • Will assume decision making roles like power brokers
  • You can get well trained ladies as workers for your organisation

Categories of Sponsors

Level 1

  •  Peacock Career Guidance Sponsors donates ₵13.00 every month
  •  Trinity Sponsors donates ₵50 every monthly
  •  Grace sponsors shall donate ₵500.00 every monthly
  •  Ambassador sponsors shall donate ₵1000.00  monthly

Level 2

  •  Bronze Sponsor shall donate full seminar package of ₵45.00 per youth (two seminars plus two books) for 700 students.
  •  Silver Sponsor shall donate full seminar package of ₵45.00 per youth (two seminars plus two books) for 1000 students
  •  Gold Sponsor shall donate full seminar package of ₵45.00 per youth (two seminars plus two books) for 2000 students.

Level 3

  • Platinum Sponsor shall donate full seminar package of ₵45.00 per youth (two seminars plus two books) for 2500 students.
  • Diamond Sponsors shall donate full seminar package of ₵45.00 per youth (two seminars plus two books) for 3500 students.
  • Crown Diamond shall donate full seminar package of ₵45.00 per youth (two seminars plus two books) for 5000 Students




Christina is the President of Dominion African Ladies Club. She is a very positive minded person, dynamic with leadership skills and the zeal to motivate, mentor and teach others. She is a good organizer, very industrious and detailed oriented. Christina is an effective problem solver, capable of applying logical, physical and creative thinking to a range of problems. An effective team player, excellent presentation skills and networking abilities. She is a proud SMOGA ( St. Mary’s Senior High School) where she had her GCE ‘O’ level. She holds a Diploma in English, (DIP. ENG), Teachers Certificate A with Distinction in teaching practice (TRS. CERT ‘A’ 3 YR Post Sec), Bachelor of Education in English (B.ED), Masters of Education in Administration and Management from the University of Cape Coast (M.ED ADMIN), Master of Philosophy in English with University of Education (M-PHIL ENG) and a PHD in English Education with Open University of Malaysia. 

She is an educationist and has worked with a number of institutions including Wesley Grammer School, St. Margaret Mary Senior High School, Ebenezer Senior High School, Humanity Aid Ghana, PLATINUM EXPRESS (Keel and Shepherded, Canada), XENTEL DM (Toronto, Canada), FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS GROUP (Toronto, Canada) and MED PLAN (Ottawa, Canada). She is a christian and currently a senior staff member of the University of Ghana.



Sena is the Vice President of Dominion African Ladies Club. She is a Corporate and Commercial Lawyer with Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah. Every day she is called to step into the shoes of others and to provide practical, long lasting yet cost effective solutions to problems. She is a consummate professional keen on planning, team work, leadership and excellence. She is a problem-solver who loves to learn and share experiences through mentoring, an avid reader, a great listener, loves to socialize and is passionate about the youth. Sena is spurred on by the Adinkra symbol “Nkyimkyim” – a symbol of initiative, dynamism and versatility. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with Distinction from University of Ghana and attended St. Roses Senior High School.



Maame Baawa is the 1st Secretary of Dominion African Ladies Club.‎ She completed K.N.U.S.T Senior High School and continued at University of Ghana where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. She is a highly motivated person, dedicated, good listener, confident, punctual; good monitor of detailed information, ‎sociable, dynamic and an excellent team member. She adapts easily to new environment and situations, and has excellent human relations and customer services skills as well as a good communicator. She worked with Connect Marketing Limited and Techcom Visions both as a Business Development Executive, ‎Ghana Statistical Service- Field Supervisor, Xtrym Consortium- Assistant to the Managing Director, National Health Insurance Scheme- N.S.P(MIS), I.N.B.A.R.- Assistant to the West Africa Coordinator and The Sheriff Travel and Tour as Ticketing and Reservation Officer. She is currently a fashion designer at NikO’mon V. I.



Wilhemina Owusu is the 2nd Secretary of Dominion African Ladies Club. She is the Administrative Manager of Bidi Group Company Limited. She has 5 years experience in the corporate industry and has worked with organizations such as Bayport Financial Services, Unilever Ghana Limited and University of Professional Studies. She holds a degree in Human Resource Management with Carleton University, Canada. She is a christian and loves to improve the lives and academic performance of her generation.



Stephanie is the 1st Treasurer of Dominion African Ladies Club. She holds a Masters degree in Project Management. She is a Chartered Banker with 7 years experience from Fidelity Bank, Bank of Africa and currently with Universal Merchant Bank. She is a proud alumna of Ghana National Secondary School and University of Ghana. She is affable, a team player, christian and a wife.



Mabel is the 2nd Treasurer of Dominion African Ladies Club. She has a background in Psychology and Social Work with First Class from the University of Ghana, Legon. She also has 10 years work experience from Barclays Bank, Smart Tv, Glomobile Ghana Limited and currently with Biege Capital. She is a christian, married with an adorable daughter, assertive, friendly and loves sharing ideas with people who come into contact with her. Mabel is passionate about helping the youth discover their purpose in life.



Margi is the Events Chair of Dominion African Ladies Club and a Christian, married and a proud mother of three wonderful children. She is a dedicated and compassionate tax revenue professional who has the passion to develop and empower young girls in Ghana through financial education, skill training and to encourage service in the House of the Lord. She is very reliable, self motivated and dedicated to achieving top- class results. Margi is a team player who enjoys working with others, an innovative thinker with the confidence to challenge the status quo and one who adopts a pragmatic approach to real-world issues. She works with Ghana Revenue responsible for maintaining debt stock and ensuring full compliance by taxpayers concerning the tax laws. A proud alumna of St. Roses Senior High School, Akwatia where she obtained SSCE Certificate, Bachelor of Science degree (Human Resource) at All Nations University College and holds further a Masters of Commerce in Taxation from Pentecost University.



Bernice is the 1st PRO of Dominion African Ladies Club. She is a hardworking person who always strives to give off her best in any task assigned to her. She attended Aburi Girls Senior High School and then to the University of Ghana where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts (Events Management). She is good at Strategizing and executing commercial shoots, radio campaigns to achieve brand awareness and drive sales. She was the Head of Marketing (GLITZ AFRICA MAGAZINE, GHANA) and Accounts Manager (ADAMS, JWT). Her key successes includes the LAUNCH OF STAR BEER, TEAM LEAD VODAFONE MUSIC AWARDS & NORTHERN REGIONAL ACTIVATIONS, TEAM LEAD, SHELL/ VIVO ENERGY AGM’s & ACTIVATIONS, ACCOUNT MANAGER, HFC BANK REBRANDING and HOME SAVE PROMO LAUNCH AND DRAW and ACCOUNT SUPPORT, ADB BANK (Creative & BTL’S).