Dominion Leaders Foundation (DLF) was established in 2010 and officially registered in 2016 with the Registrar General with the Registration Number CG034072016 as a Non-Governmental Organisation by Dr. Martha Anang. It seems though professional vocational guidance services are needed by all, it is only available to those who are from families with good socioeconomic background. Again, youth all over the world especially in most part of the underdeveloped and developing countries have unemployment issues after spending money to attain degrees.teachers, family and society.


Career Development and Choice Project (CDAC)

CDAC is for all youth irrespective of gender, social class, ethnicity, location and educational status. The project aims at assisting people to identify their career traits by age twelve (12years) and make impact with their career traits in their lives, families and the community in which they live by age forty (40years).

My Health Is My All (MHIMA)

This project seeks to educate youth on health issues to employ preventive measures and help advocate for quality and affordable medical services to students as well as encouraging students to seek for proper medical attention when the need arises.

Second Chance Education Project for All (SCEPA)

This project aim at eradicating the poverty cycle and the target group is the prison inmates and their families. This will be a collaborative work with prisons where inmates and their children shall receive vocational guidance and help them

National Awards/Media Programs

The program will look at the legacies workers leave behind in their organisations before pension and give them a deserving award to acknowledge their efforts and national impact. Names of people who have one year to go on retirement will be sort out from the organisations


This is a magazine that will publish all the activities of the foundation. The magazine is to help the youth explore in their fields of study and explode in their abilities and potentials in their career fields. This will also capture old students in various schools to motivate continues students

Career Tit-bits with Martha Efua Anang


Dr Martha Anang

Executive Director

Emmanuel M. Gaze


Mrs Leticia Ahianyo